Consumer Research

Guide new product development, sales strategy, brand strategy and more with purpose-built consumer research.

Consumer Research

Technomic’s team of consumer-research experts will design the right methodology to deliver the data and insights you need to better understand consumer trends and behavior. Through ethnographic field work, online choice-based methods, traditional surveys, focus groups (both online and in-person) and predictive analytics, we will help guide you through your business challenges.

For operators: Custom research can help you with brand strategy, new store development, the customer experience, design evaluation and menu development.

For suppliers: Our research is invaluable in new-product development as well as sales and marketing strategy.

Attitude & Usage

Attitude and usage research is essential to meaningful brand planning and can be conducted with brand strategy, menu development and marketing opportunities in mind.


  • Develop a thorough and accurate understanding of your guest
  • Multipronged research solutions to uncover impactful insights for your brand
  • Gain a complete understanding of the competitive landscape


Menu Optimization

Go a step further beyond a strong consumer understanding to address culinary development, operational issues and system implementation.


  • Menu mining and in-depth category analysis to reveal emerging trends
  • Quantitative consumer research with advanced analytics and menu-ordering simulations
  • Qualitative research for first-person insights into menu attitudes and taste preferences


Brand Positioning

Brand insights are available on demand through our syndicated Consumer Brand Metrics dashboard, but can also be customized to fit your brand.


  • Leverage syndicated and/or customized brand tracking research solutions
  • Measure brand equity, perception and performance against your competitive set
  • Uncover your brand’s identity by pinpointing its strengths and weaknesses


Ad Testing & Tracking

Optimize your advertisements before campaign launch and watch them in action in the field. Ensure that your target market is engaging with your marketing.


  • Track the performance of ads by assessing the strength between ad impressions and trial
  • Test advertising with your customer base prior to launching a campaign
  • Measure the impact of marketing efforts on brand awareness, usage and perception


Price Sensitivity Modeling

Price sensitivity is a key component to both menu development and revenue management. With our analytic toolkit, we can provide a well-rounded understanding of customer pricing expectations and responses to pricing changes.


  • Optimize and/or update your current pricing model
  • Test price sensitivity to new items at each stage of the menu development cycle
  • Forecast the impact of pricing changes on demand and revenue


New Market Feasibility

Market entry is a challenging process fraught with uncertainty. Be armed with the most important information and Technomic’s expert analysis before deciding to build.


  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of new markets prior to store development
  • Map out the current competitive landscape and key customer segments
  • Identify the core customer base with the greatest interest in your brand and measure their expectations


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Sensory Testing

Menu ideations can sound great in theory, but how do they taste? Food taste and flavor is the primary driver of restaurant visitation, so ensure that your creative efforts being executed in the kitchen are truly what your consumer wants and expects from your brand.


  • Test new and proposed menu items with your guests and compare the results to your existing menu
  • Gather both quantitative and qualitative feedback about your food’s flavor, texture, etc.
  • Move forward with the right menu additions and modifications, particularly for new markets


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