Subject Matter Experts

Technomic’s subject matter experts are true leaders in the industry, with a command of a full spectrum of food and beverage industry channels and disciplines



Our subject matter experts are leaders spanning the entire spectrum of foodservice channels and disciplines, including beverage, food, nonfoods, packaging, distribution, noncommercial segments and retail foodservice. Bring industry-leading insights from the most-trusted source to your business engagements through speaking engagements, customized webinars and strategic engagements led by our team. 



Our Experts


Donna Hood Crecca 

Donna has expertise in c-store and restaurants, adult beverage, product innovation and go-to-market strategies 


Robert Byrne  

Robert directs consumer research product Ignite Consumer, focusing on restaurant guest trends and dynamics 


Kathryn Fenner 

Kathryn leads our noncommercial practice, including the education, innovation and convenience segments 


Lizzy Freier 

Lizzy directs Ignite Menu, with a wide-reaching knowledge of trends in flavors, ingredients and dishes 


Wade Hanson 

Wade, who directs our retail foodservice practice, offers up strong knowledge in corporate sustainability 


Dave Henkes 

Dave’s diverse expertise includes opportunity assessments, go-to-market strategy and market forecasting 


Patrick Noone 

Patrick has myriad areas of knowledge across the industry, supported by more than 20 years at Technomic 


Joe Pawlak  

A 30-year industry veteran, Joe’s experience encompasses virtually all food industry categories and channels 


Lori Rakoczy 

Lori brings to Technomic a strong background in economics and knowledge of restaurant operator strategy  


Kevin Schimpf 

Kevin, who leads our Ignite Company product, is focused on operator- and industry-level financial performance 


Rich Shank 

Rich’s strong industry knowledge ranges from pricing strategy to customer experience to consumer segmentation 

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