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Technomic reports how historically high inflation impacted Top 500 chain restaurant performance in 2022

New report uncovers how the top restaurant chains fared amid unprecedented levels of foodservice inflation


2022 Global Restaurant Trends Forecast

Read ahead for Technomic’s take on six major trends poised to make a global impact on foodservice in 2022, plus some up-and-comers likely to break out.


Post-Pandemic Playbook

The Post-Pandemic Playbook

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Technomic releases 2022 foodservice predictions for the U.S., Canada and global markets

Technomic published three whitepapers forecasting 2022 foodservice industry trends

New Technomic TIndex release confirms foodservice industry performance down again slightly in November, following October’s decline

Continuing softness in travel and leisure, and less traffic for independents remain drivers of decline

TIndex (Technomic Index)

TIndex is the Technomic Index on the total U.S. foodservice industry reported monthly.

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New Technomic product will explore restaurant operator perspectives in easy-to-use reports

Built using decades of historical data—the Top 200 Canadian Chain Restaurant report provides a detailed analysis of the foodservice industry and overarching trends, annual sales and unit counts by chain and segment.

Technomic, Winsight's data and insights business, will be Informa's first insights business dedicated to foodservice.

New report uncovers changes in beverage sales and consumer behaviors

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