Strategic Research

Individualized research focusing on opportunity assessments, brand equity evaluations, acquisition analyses and more.

Strategic Research

Are you seeking one-on-one, personalized service from Technomic’s experienced industry analysts?

Our strategic programs will develop custom studies and engagements tailored to your needs.

Areas include opportunity assessments, brand equity evaluations, acquisition analyses, market size and share developments, channel planning and strategic direction. 

This individualized program will develop a road map to direct your company’s future growth.

Strategic Research Solutions

Due Diligence

Technomic’s due diligence services provide foodservice manufacturers, private equity firms and chain operators with the industry information and expert analysis needed to identify investment risks and to understand the potential. Our ability to capture information from key decision makers in the industry is unparalleled, and we can customize the scope to suit your needs in a timely, cost-effective manner.

  • Identify key competitors, compare their position in the market to the acquisition target and determine market shares
  • Track economic indices and trends that are impacting company performance
  • Understand the size and growth potential of the target company’s categories as well as trends impacting the company and their product categories
  • Evaluate risks and rewards affecting the potential deal and receive actionable recommendations from our experts

Market Assessment

Don’t let the competition pass you by–leverage our services to understand the market, identify opportunities and capitalize on them with targeted go-to-market strategies.

Size of the Prize

Measure the size of the market by appropriate metrics, including manufacturer shipment dollars, consumer expenditures, pounds, gallons, units, cases, etc.

Category Assessment

Based on the size of a product category, identify where the opportunity lies for your business, including segmentation by sub-categories and channels, and analyze the competition within the category.

Opportunity Assessment

Size your opportunity outside of defined categories (channels, segments, new-to-the-world categories, regions, customer groupings, etc.) and determine critical success factors for participation in the opportunity.

Go-To-Market Studies

Evaluate the best opportunities for “where to play” and “where to win” and determine the best strategy to leverage key opportunities.

Market Entry

Growing global markets make it desirable to take business to an international scale. Acquiring a company who has global reach makes penetrating the market less risky, but if you’re looking to take the plunge, our custom solutions can help.

  • Understand the feasibility of entering a new market, both domestic and international
  • Evaluate and prioritize current market expansion opportunities
  • Determine whether developing a brand new concept for the market is the best solution

Battle Planning

What better way to beat the competition than to become the competition? This 1-2 day exercise gives you an idea of how your company is performing, where you are excelling and where you need to focus more energy.

  • Join a Technomic-led ideation session fueled by key trends impacting all players in the industry and the category
  • Form teams to represent up to six competitive companies. Learn the ins and outs of each competitor’s business
  • Generate solutions to a series of industry challenges based on the information presented

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