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Consumers' health perceptions about beef are changing

The nutrition police and plant-based advocates have pushed people away from eating beef. But times they are a changing.

Top 10 LTOs show consumers' preference for indulgence

February’s most popular items lean towards crispy, cheesy, creamy foods, finds Technomic.

Staying ahead of the next big menu moves

Technomic’s new State of the Menu report recommends actions chain operators can take to move their menus forward this year.

What's impacting menus in the year ahead

Lizzy Freier, director of menu research and insights for Technomic, digs into 2024’s top trends and predictions.

Complimentary Webinars

How To Revive Your Menu In 2021 And Beyond

Explore menu tactics and trends that are helping drive sales and generate buzz, while looking at predictive menu trends.

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Technomic Operator Recovery: Consumers In Year Zero

Join our consumer expert to uncover ways that you can use data to identify existing trends as well as anticipate future shifts in behavior.

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Technomic Operator Recovery: The New Industry Landscape

Technomic Operator Recovery: The New Industry Landscape

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Industry Reports

Consumer Trend Reports

Comprehensive consumer trend data from the United States and Canada.

Global Chain Report

Get a deep dive into global growth brands from 25 countries around the world.

Global Food and Beverage

There is a world of opportunity for suppliers and operators to expand in new markets. Technomic’s Country Reports provide key information on economic figures, consumers attitudes, menu trends and more for the leading global foodservice markets.

Industry Reports

Reports outlining industry performance by segment and menu category.

Technomic's Take

Technomic's Take: Roadblock to Recovery

Our experts unpack what’s driving the labor crisis at the front lines.

2022: The Year of the Climb

What are some of the trends on the horizon for 2022, from the state of the industry and operations to menu optimization and enhancing the guest experience?

Canadian Trends: Looking Ahead to 2022

What are some of the trends on the horizon in Canada for 2022, from the state of the industry and operations to creative menu restructuring and changes to the restaurant experience?

2022 Global Restaurant Trends Forecast

Read ahead for Technomic’s take on six major trends poised to make a global impact on foodservice in 2022, plus some up-and-comers likely to break out.


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