Technomic has robust syndicated and custom research services to fit every foodservice business need.


Understand The Foodservice Industry

Industry Forecasts & Sizing

Set your strategy with foodservice industry size and forecasts, market-level operator intel and more from Ignite Company.

Foodservice Operator Performance

Track hundreds of chain restaurants, noncommercial operators and foodservice retailers in the US or Canada with Ignite Company.

Industry Reports

Technomic's Top 500 Chain Restaurant and Top 200 Canadian Chain Restaurant reports have been tracking the industry for decades.

Menu and Ingredient Trends

Track on-trend flavors, ingredients and dishes with Ignite Menu.

Limited-Time Offer Testing, Tracking and Ideation Support

Track consumer-rated LTOs and test your own ideas on the fly with Ignite Menu.

Consumer Brand Ratings

Track consumer sentiment across hundreds of leading restaurant, retail and c-store foodservice operators.

Consumer Segment Occasions

Understand which foodservice segments are performing the best across consumer demographics, dayparts, meal occasion and more.

Consumer Trends

Understand foodservice consumer trends across mealparts, menu categories, channel and segment with these deep-dive reports. Available for U.S. and Canada.

Canadian Insights

Technomic offers insights into the Canadian foodservice industry, menu trends and consumer brand sentiment and trends.

Global Insights

Gain access to worldwide foodservice guidance, including syndicated research, reports, long-term forecasts and expert support.

Multi-Client Studies

Operator insights, market sizing and strategic information built by our team of subject matter experts at a fraction of the cost of a custom study.

Supercharge Your Strategy With Custom Research

Strategic Research

Individualized research focusing on opportunity assessments, brand equity evaluations, acquisition analyses and more.

Operator Research

Custom-designed studies that will provide actionable data and insights to boost your bottom line.

Trade Studies

Understand channel dynamics using insights from operators, distributors and manufacturers.

Pricing Practice

Our pricing practice is comprised of four key elements that work together to form one holistic view of your business.

Consumer Research

Guide new product development, sales strategy, brand strategy and more with purpose-built consumer research.

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