Technomic's team members bring real-world expertise to our market research and consulting engagements. They've worked as foodservice executives, managers, distributors, marketers, operators, chefs and researchers. As a result, there's powerful chemistry between our team and yours.

Leading Our Team


Patrick Noone,  President, Technomic

Patrick is integrally involved in all aspects of Technomic's portfolio, ensuring that our clients are receiving strategically significant business insights and actionable data.


Eric Duesing, Vice President, Product Development

Eric leads the product development team at Technomic. He ensures that Technomic’s Ignite platform is cutting edge, reliable and useful for our clients’ businesses.


Bernadette Noone, Executive Vice President, Products & Services

Bernadette is responsible for the development, execution and management of Technomic's vast collection of online research tools, and directs the team's efforts for new content on our platforms.


Joe Pawlak, Managing Principal, Advisory Group

Joe heads up Technomic’s advisory group, consisting of senior subject matter experts in a variety of food industry consulting and research disciplines.


Rich Shank, Senior Principal & Vice President, Innovation

Rich is an experienced researcher, specializing in brand positioning analysis, menu and product development research, customer experience research and consumer segmentation. His clients include chain operators, manufacturers, private equity firms and trade associations.

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