Keep your price points on point. PriceMonitor® clients get accurate and complete pricing information—taking the guesswork out of pricing decisions.
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Get the most complete and timely menu pricing information available

  • See consistent market data tracked from the same U.S. and Canadian locations to ensure price changes are accurate
  • Cross reference concepts and locations to see demographic influences on pricing
  • Benchmark pricing opportunities against the competition
  • Evaluate growth opportunities in new markets by knowing current price points
  • Track like categories of menu items over time and across markets to see price fluctuations and market standings
  • Evaluate how slight price adjustments add up to big changes to your bottom line
  • Integrate tiered menu pricing strategies to hit more demographic targets
  • Leverage our price-tracking power for reports and presentations, according to your specifications
  • Gain insights around consumer price sensitivity and know which markets will bear greater increases
  • Audit franchisee pricing for compliance with corporate standards

Run the numbers when and how you need them

  • Competitive set—similar cuisine segment, daypart
  • Frequency—quarterly, semi-annual
  • Price range
  • Region—DMA, MSA
  • Meal parts
  • Day Parts

Anyone who cares about the bottom line should be using this powerful tool

  • Marketing executives
  • Finance departments
  • Strategic planning teams
  • Operations management
  • Franchise development associates
  • Consumer insights specialists
  • Menu development professionals

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