Adult Beverage Insights Group

Formed in 2004, the Adult Beverage Insights Group was developed to meet the information needs of senior executives who are responsible for serving on-premise operators and growing business in this channel.

The first of its kind, this shared-research program provides on-premise executives three types of resources:

  1. Strategic research that support specific issues faced in the on-premise channel.
  2. Tactical information tools that can be shared with on-premise account teams and key operator-customers.
  3. Customer and consumer insights that will assist in growth planning and channel investment decisions.

Meeting agendas and research topics are dictated by members, reflecting their most pressing problems and the information needed to address these issues. Research is presented to members at meetings held three times a year. Additionally, members receive monthly on-premise information via e-mail.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Why join Technomic's Adult Beverage Insights Group?

Membership saves busy executives time and money by helping them leverage their research budget and avoid "reinventing the wheel" in addressing problems they share with their peers. Our shared-investment membership delivers in-depth actionable research, analysis, and insights at a fraction of the cost of funding similar research on an independent company-by-company basis.

Does membership require a substantial time investment?

No. In fact, members value our ability to manage the program and minimize their time commitment. Three meetings are held throughout the year–one at the Cheers Beverage Conference, plus two half-day sessions in June and October. At these meetings, and throughout the year using periodic updates, members rely upon us to deliver the information, insights and analysis they need, employing the most effective research and communication methods available.

How do you decide which studies to conduct?

The process is entirely member-driven. Throughout the year, we review each member's most pressing challenges with them, related to the on-premise channel. Then in December, we present six to eight topics that members discuss and vote upon for the following year. This ensures that each member has an equal voice and the two chosen topics are most relevant to members.

With whom do you work at member companies?

Our program is designed to serve the senior-most executive teams within the on-premise channel. This includes general managers, national accounts executives, category managers, brand/marketing managers and consumer/customer researchers. Our program assists each of these of these executives with their strategic plans and individual information needs.

Adult Beverage Insights Group
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