Menu Trends

Curious about on-trend flavors, brands or ingredients nationally or by market? Want to know recent LTOs consumers find the most craveworthy?

Technomic’s robust, interactive Ignite Menu platform offers restaurant and noncommercial menu insights designed to serve up current and future trends instantly. Ignite Menu also houses hundreds of ready-to-go reports built to help you craft the most meaningful menu stories.

Components include:

National Food Trends

Guide your ideation with the latest menu trends with access to thousands of menus on an interactive online interface. Available for the U.S. and Canada.

What you can do

  • Predict future menu trends with two-year flavor and ingredient projections to inform your menu strategy
  • Pinpoint flavors and ingredients that are growing or shrinking on menus
  • Identify gaps and opportunities across operators’ menus
  • Keep an eye on innovation with our library of public limited-time offers

Concept Testing

See which types of concepts are driving consumer purchases via monthly ratings of limited-time offers based on purchase intent, draw, craveability and uniqueness. Available for the U.S.

What you can do

  • Innovate your menu or product offering based on menu items and ingredients with high draw and uniqueness scores
  • Understand how to best drive your sales based on items with high craveability
  • Keep an eye on what the Top 500 chains and 40 c-stores are doing to innovate

Market Food Trends

View regional- or market-level flavor, ingredient and dish insights, as well as local menu item descriptions. Available for the U.S.

What you can do

  • Inform your regional menu strategy based on overindexed or underindexed flavors and ingredients
  • Determine which flavors and ingredients are most commonly paired with various products regionally to fuel innovation
  • Understand how different types of restaurants menu their dishes at the local level

Available subscriptions include U.S. (commercial and noncommercial) and Canada.

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