Technomic launches new Foodservice Technology Navigator Program for technology suppliers during Winsight's FSTEC conference in Dallas

The new membership program offers detailed insight into the foodservice industry to maximize sales strategy and effectively reach operators

CHICAGO, September 9, 2019˜—Technomic is launching its new Foodservice Technology Navigator Program during Winsight’s annual technology conference, FSTEC, happening in Dallas from Sept. 8-11. The program offers technology suppliers ongoing intelligence and sales strategy support to capitalize on the growth opportunities currently available within the foodservice industry.

Powering this new resource are Technomic foodservice experts Melissa Wilson, principal, and Will Notini, director of consumer insights. Melissa Wilson specializes in the operator practice arena and directs the off-premise practice. Will Notini designs and executes custom research to address a wide variety of food and beverage business interests. Included with membership is access to a variety of advisory services, ranging from presentations to strategy support, from these subject matter experts.

This program can be used to answer questions like:

  • What restaurant chains are the right partners for our business?
  • Which factors are either accelerating or hindering technology integration in restaurant operations?
  • Who are the leading technology providers as ranked by restaurant operators and what is their awareness of emerging players?
  • How do consumers rate their visits to leading restaurant chains based on convenience and technology attributes?

“Over the years at FSTEC, we have seen a strong need from technology companies seeking foodservice data but not necessarily knowing where to turn,” explains Patrick Noone, executive vice president of business development at Technomic. “This program makes it easy for these companies to gain access to all the tools they need to enter the foodservice industry with confidence.”


Compiling findings from 1,700 consumer responses, as well as menu trends, the comprehensive 2019 Starters, Small Plates & Sides Consumer Trend Report helps foodservice operators and suppliers better understand consumers’ perceptions of these specific mealparts and identify opportunity areas.

The Foodservice Technology Navigator Program is now accepting members. Membership is available in two tiers: platinum and core. For more information contact or visit

Membership details:Patrick Noone, (312) 506-3852,

About Technomic
Technomic, Inc., a Winsight company, was founded as a management consulting firm in 1966. Since then, Technomic’s services have grown to encompass cloud-based B2B research tools, consumer and menu trend tracking, as well as other leading strategic research and analytic capabilities, to prioritize and size business opportunities. Our clients include food manufacturers and distributors, restaurants, retailers and multiple other business verticals aligned with the food industry that are looking to make informed decisions to support their business growth. Visit Technomic at

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