A Year in Review: Measuring Restaurant Performance by Season

By Lizzy Freier, Managing Editor on December 19, 2018


The changing of the seasons provides a wealth of opportunities for restaurant operators to use limited-time offers, promotions and events to generate traffic. In fact, a third of consumers (32%)—including 47% of 18- to 34-year-olds—say that their foodservice preferences tend to change depending on the season, according to Technomic’s Flavor Consumer Trend Report.

But not every season produces the same share of customer visits as the next. For instance, as the thermometer increases, so does restaurant traffic: summertime months edge out the other seasons to produce the most overall traffic. Closely following summer in seasonal share of traffic is fall, followed by spring, rounded out by winter. Though it’s not surprising that consumers are less likely to purchase from restaurants when the weather is grim, some restaurants are still able to shine during those times.

In fact, every restaurant segment has its greatest share of visits in a different season. For quick service, summer takes majority share; for fast casual, springtime rules; for midscale, fall leads; and for casual dining and fine dining, winter prevails. Let’s take a closer deep dive at each season to see why these segments lead, which operators within the segments are gaining majority share and how to use these tools to procure restaurant visits at different times of the year. Read more »

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